"A group of local families helping to change the world by producing fresh foods for kitchens across Illinois."



Windmill Acres


Windmill Acres 


History of
Windmill Acres

This year we’ve expanded our garden to a ¼ acre.  We market produce in the Fairbury area through weekly CSA bags in the summer and also provide a number of crops for restaurants in the Bloomington and Chicago areas.  Diversifying our farm has been one of our more challenging projects.  Initially we focused on lettuce, watermelons, and tomatoes.  While still concentrating on some of these, we’re also focusing on root crops and brassicas and adding in some less common vegetables.

The purpose of our farm is to supplement Joel’s teaching income and to create a family project that can incorporate our children in the years to come.

Our Family Members

Joel, who teaches at a private school, and does most of the physical work in the garden (tilling, picking, weeding).

Amber, is a homemaker, and she takes care of the garden we use for ourselves as well as the canning and freezing of the produce. She does almost all the packaging and also aids in a lot of the planting and harvesting of the bigger garden.

Micah, age 4, helps with some planting, watering, picking, and eating.

Leigha, age 3, helps in many of the same ways.

Landon, 7 months, will enjoy the warm weather as he sits and watches us garden.

Produce We Plan to Grow

1) Cabbage
2) Graffiti Cauliflower
3) Cipollini onions
4) Bunching onions
5) Pearl onions
6) Fingerling potatoes
7) Large potatoes
8) Pac choi
9) Kale
10) Sweet corn
11) Green beans
12) Dragon Langerie beans
13) Lina Sisco shell beans
14) Pineapple tomatillos (ground cherries)
15) Cherry tomatoes: Green Grape, Brown Berry, Sungold, Reisentraube, Lemon Drop
16) Beefsteak tomatoes: Goliath, Celebrity, Delicious, Jet Star, Gold Medal, Black Krim,
       Cherokee Purple, Persimmon, Pruden’s Purple
17) Small tomatoes: Japanese Black Trifele, Violet Jasper, Garden Peach, Green Zebra,
       Red Zebra
18) Okra
19) Eggplant (as a trap for Colorado Potato beetles
20) Beets: 3 Root Grex, Chioggia, Golden
21) Radishes: Easter Egg, French breakfast
22) Turnips: oasis (hakurei type)
23) Carrots: Purple Dragon, Rainbow, Danvers half-long, Paris Market
24) Sweet peppers: Jimmy Nardello, Lipstick
25) Muskmelon: Ambrosia
26) Watermelon: seedless, Orangeglo, Ali Baba, Crimson Sweet, Moon & Stars
27) Cucumbers
28) Summer Squash

The Stewards of the Land

Windmill Acres is a part of The Stewards of the Land, LLC, a group of local families helping to change the world by producing fresh foods for kitchens across Illinois.

Our focus is to produce food that is:
    - better for you
    - better for your kids
    - better for the planet

Enjoyed in award-winning restaurants, local food shops, and many family homes across the area, the food produced by the Stewards of the Land is fresh, chemical-free and delicious


Windmill Acres
Joel & Amber Plattner
28711 N. 3460 East Rd.
Chenoa, IL 61726
Ph: (815)692-2269