"A group of local families helping to change the world by producing fresh foods for kitchens across Illinois."



Enjoyed in award-winning restaurants, local food shops, and many family homes across the area,

the food produced by the Stewards of the Land is fresh, chemical-free and delicious.






"Through the Stewards of the Land, local farmers sell fresh produce through Dave's produce department. We get many positive comments from our customers saying that they like to buy products grown right here in Central Illinois, and they like to support the local farmers.  It is a win, win, win situation. It's good for the local farmers, it's good for Dave's to offer unique products, and most importantly, it's good for our customers."

Mark Steffen

Dave’s Supermarket, Fairbury


“We look to the Stewards of the Land to supply our 3 and 4-star restaurants with the best and most interesting food that Illinois has to offer.”

Brian Enyart, Managing Chef

Frontera Grill/Topolobampo, Chicago

2007 Restaurant of the Year Award

by the acclaimed James Beard Foundation




“The Stewards of the Land, LLC is a tremendous asset to our business.  The unique and fresh produce they provide helps our business set ourselves apart from other local restaurants.  The quality is phenomenal and our customer’s appreciate the healthful approach we can offer.”             

Helen Steidinger, Grandma’s

Fairbury, Illinois


"The Stewards have provided a 10-year old, who loves to learn, the opportunity to have a productive garden and make money from his produce."

  Ricketts Family

 Forrest, Illinois