"A group of local families helping to change the world by producing fresh foods for kitchens across Illinois."



TW Farms

Calico Gardens 

History of Our Farm

My parents bought our Farm in 1998. I've enjoyed helping my dad farm and I've enjoyed helping in the garden.

We have raised corn, soybeans, and wheat on our tillable acres. In our garden, we raise crops such as popcorn, watermelons, green beans, peppers, onions, tomatoes, apples, rhubarb, and mulberries

When I was 12, I asked my dad and mom if I could raise watermelons in the garden. They said "yes." However, they did not think that I would be successful as they had tried raising watermelons before and the melons did not ripen properly. To my parents’ amazement, I was successful. I produced about 20 delicious melons. I sold some of these at a farmer's market. This was my first experience all on my own.

Our Products

In 2008, I decided to join the Stewards of the Land.

One of my primary food products is popcorn. I sell my popcorn shelled and also as “Microwave-Your-Own-Popcorn-on-the-Cob.”

Microwave popcorn on the cob is a really exciting thing. Children and adults both enjoy putting an ear of popcorn in a paper bag, putting the bag in the microwave, listening to it pop off of the cob, and lastly eating it! It is a healthy way to eat popcorn as you do not need any oil to pop the corn; but, if you really do not like plain popcorn, you can still add butter, salt, or your choice of topping.

My Farm Motto

"Our enjoyment for your enjoyment!"

The reason I like my motto is because I enjoy farming and I hope that since I enjoy what I'm doing that it will show in my produce and provide people with great things to eat.

The Stewards of the Land

TW Farms is a part of The Stewards of the Land, LLC, a group of local families helping to change the world by producing fresh foods for kitchens across Illinois.

Our focus is to produce food that is better for you, better for your kids, and better for the planet.

Enjoyed in award-winning restaurants, local food shops, and many family homes across the area, the food produced by the Stewards of the Land is fresh, chemical-free and delicious.

Thadd Waldbeser
5484 N 2100 East Rd, Fairbury, IL 61739
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