"A group of local families helping to change the world by producing fresh foods for kitchens across Illinois."



Stewards in the News



“About 40 urban chefs and ramp enthusiasts love them so much that this year they made their way to the Spence Farm in Fairbury, IL about 100 miles south of Chicago for a ramp dig.  On May 8, the ramps will be included in a four-course $125 dinner at Timo Restaurant in Chicago.”


New York Times, Wed. April 26, 2006



“The business expanded through word of mouth and advertising, McWilliams said. He’s sold a lot of turkeys to family, friends and his dad’s handyman business clients. He’s also had help from Stewards of the Land, a Fairbury-based group dedicated to helping and training farmers, including kids.”


Bloomington Pantagraph, Nov. 12, 2007



“It seemed...appropriate that the ramps should have come from Illinois.  From Spence Farm, in fact, in Fairbury, where Marty and Kris Travis have harvested wild ramps for four years. . . That stewardship helps the farm pay for itself.”


Chicago Tribune, May, 2007