"A group of local families helping to change the world by producing fresh foods for kitchens across Illinois."



Healthy Harvest

Healthy Harvest 

History of Our Farm
Cindy & Kelly Kinate

Some of my fondest memories of childhood were following my grandmother around her small garden holding the basket as she picked cucumbers for her famous pickles! There was always something growing at Grandma’s house! We can’t imagine a life without a connection to the land! Watching things grow and flourish and knowing where our food comes from is so important to us!

Kelly is a native of Fairbury, but I am a transplant from the suburbs. (although I am sure I am a country girl at heart!) When we settled back in Fairbury after years in the military, one of the first things we did was plant a garden. And it grew. And it grew. And it grew. Soon we had enough vegetables for our family, our relatives and our neighbors. Kelly also had a “tomato route” where he delivered produce to elderly friends who were no longer able to garden. There were often invites in for a cup of coffee, some cookies and a visit. He enjoyed his route so much (did I mention the cookies?) that I sometimes had to hide some tomatoes so there would be some for us! This just led me to plant more! And everybody was happy. We now grow mainly heirloom varieties started lovingly from seed many weeks before transplanting them outside.

In 2009 we were invited to join the Stewards of the Land group. What a joy to find like minded growers with a dedication to preserving this land we live on and creating an income for our families and our communities! We are constantly learning and appreciate the knowledge and the experience that members of the group can share! Growing produce free of chemicals is so much better for the environment, but it does come with many challenges. Did I mention the WEEDS? Maybe we should change our name to “Garden of Weedin”…… but that’s another story!

Produce We Plan to Grow

We grow a variety of produce focusing on heirlooms, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, herbs. We also like to grow unusual things not readily found in grocery stores. This year we will have purple tomatillos, purple jalapenos, purple peppers, eggplants and tomatoes! In addition we grow apples, pears and other fruits.

The Stewards of the Land

Healthy Harvest is a part of The Stewards of the Land, LLC, a group of local families helping to change the world by producing fresh foods for kitchens across Illinois.

Our focus is to produce food that is:
        - better for you
        - better for your kids
        - better for the planet

Enjoyed in award-winning restaurants, local food shops, and many family homes across the area, the food produced by the Stewards of the Land is fresh, chemical-free and delicious.


Healthy Harvest
Cindy & Kelly Kinate
312 W. Chestnut
Ph: (815)692-3227