"A group of local families helping to change the world by producing fresh foods for kitchens across Illinois."



Our Mission


To create, maintain, and support the family farm, to help them become and remain sustainable and profitable, and to provide the same opportunity for future generations. 


To provide fresh, healthy, chemical-free foods of the highest quality - directly to the tables of those who have a deep sense of appreciation for the connection to the land.  We are committed to a sustainable future for our families, our land and our communities.



Our focus is to produce food that is:


 better for you

 better for your kids

 better for the planet 




Our Products



The Stewards grow a huge variety of fruits, vegetables, and heirloom plants and raise wide range of poultry and meats.


Our products are sold at farmer's markets, to local food shops and grocery stores, and to high-end restaurants across the area.


Fruits & Vegetables - Lettuces, tomatoes, radishes, zucchini, cucumbers, berries, peaches, apples, and much, much more


Poultry & Meat - Beef, pork, cheese, eggs, chicken, turkey & goat products


Wild Plants & Seeds - Wild Leeks, paw paws, wild nettle, and prairie flower


Grains & Flour - Indian corn, Iroquois White Cornmeal, and Whole Wheat Flour



Our Farms



The farms of our Stewards are all located within a 50 mile radius from Fairbury, Illinois, a small farming community nestled among large fields of commercially-grown corn and soybeans.


We are working to maximize the potential yields of specialty crops on our family farms. 


With the increased yield per acre, we are able to create revenue streams that are giving our children the hope of staying on the farm and enjoying the benefits of simple, clean, and refreshing farm life.

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